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Jack’s Tires and Wheels

Jack’s Tires is an Austin institution, Jeff Gonzales has been in the tire business since the early 70’s. He named his business after his dad who was an living legend in tires before Jeff started cutting his teeth on the business. Jeff has seen the evolution of the tire industry go from tubes and standard measurements to the metric tubeless tires most cars use today. With that experience you can trust Jeff with your new car or your classic vehicle and he will find the right tire or wheel to fit your exact needs.

There aren’t a lot of tire shops in Austin that can boast of this experience, and when buying a tire, getting the wrong tire or wheel can literally cause more problems down the road. Jeff and his crew are professional, fast, and hard working providing you a quick in and out experience.

Tires have changed plenty in the last 50 years and if you have a classic vehicle that needs a new set of wheels, Jack’s tires is the only shop you should trust. Not much will stump Jeff and while he appreciates putting the right type of wheels on your classic car; he will also hunt high and low to find what you need to keep your classic ride running smoothly on Texas roads.

Do you want to save some cash while needing to buying used tires? Jack’s tires has a great selection of used tires, from performance to conventional. Jack’s tires carries a full selection from 13” to 26” on site at reasonable prices.

Need to get tires today, and no cash? No problem, with SimpleFinancing, you can get that used set or you can go all out and get a new set of tires and wheels that you always wanted.