Used Tires

Used Tires Austin Texas

Ten Reasons to buy Used Tires at Jack’s

  1. You want to deal with a local Austin business, not a big box franchise.
  2. You are low on cash and can’t afford new tires. Let’s face it – things are tight for a lot of people.  We need to save wherever we can – and your tires are a required expense, so why not make it a lower one. Same as buying a brand new car – let someone else take the hit and you can reap the benefits.
  3. Your vehical isn’t passing state inspection due to the tires.  All our tires are guarenteed to pass Texas State inspection.
  4. Your Green, I mean really green, except you live in Austin and need a car.  Used tires are a great form of recycling, and at Jack’s you can always get great Used Tires.
  5. You blew out one tire and do not want to replace all the tires. We have such a diverse inventory that in most cases we can match your existing tire almost exactly so that you don’t have to replace all four.
  6. Not sure how long your high milage vehicle will keep on chugging down the road?  Used tires are a smart idea as opposed to putting newer and more expensive tires/wheels that might out live the life of the car or truck.
  7. You have a lease return that is due in the next few months. If the tires on your car/truck are worn, we can help you find tires that will pass lease inspection.
  8. You have a car with other issues that you can’t afford to fix right now – we can help you get by until you can.
  9. You are just hard on tires and end up blowing them out before the tread wears out. This is a very typical case in rural Texas. Or with a lot of off roading, potholes, rough terrain, etc.
  10. You want to save money on like-new tires! Many times we have “like new” take off sets, and people just want to save money.  Consider used tires to be cheap new tires!